Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fishermen sorting out fish on shore

It’s a season for variety of fish in Sri Lanka. Fishermen in Uswetakiyawa say that, they have to consider the country’s current situation and obey the rules implemented by the authorities regarding deep sea fishing.

A few manage to catch crab, and a kilo of crab is sold for Rs. 800/=
"My fishing net was damged while fishing. I cannot afford but another net. I have to mend it and use it" says Anton Priyantha
Anton Priyantha mending his damaged fishing net
Small fish is being sorted out
Fishermen spend the day time in the sea, as it rains in the evening
Crab for sle at Hendala fish market
Sea becomes rough when it rains
Fishermen bring the fish from Uswetakiya to Hendala market to sell
Fish stalls at Hendala fish market
Eggs of female crab protected with sponge. The fishermen say that, they cover the eggs with sponge as soon as they cath the female crab
Fishermen on shore at dusk
Small fish in net
Fishermen at sea